Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kumar Gandharva Darshan

Wednesday, 12th Jan 2011
S M Joshi Auditorium, Navi Peth, Pune
6 to 9pm.

Concept and Presentation: Pushkar Lele
Script: Chaitanya Kunte

Sanjay Deshpande (Tabla)
Suyog Kundalkar (Harmonium)
Padmakar Gujar (Dholki/Pakhawaj)
Chinmay Kelkar (Theme Narration)
Nikhil Deshpande (Technical Support)

Programme Presented By: OPEN SPACE

Entry is free. First come first served.


This program tries to give an overview of the vast musical contributions of Kumarji and includes traditional bandish-s sung by him, Kumarji’s self composed bandish-s from "Anoopraagvilaas", Thumri-Tappa-Tarana, compositions from Kumarji’s thematic programmes on seasons namely Geet Vasant, Geet Varsha, Geet Hemant and Rituraaj Mehfil, Natyageet-s from Kumarji’s Mala Umajalele Balgandharva; Marathi bhavgeet-s from Kumarji’s programme Tambe Geet Rajani; and devotional compositions from Kumarji’s thematic programmes namely Tulsidaas Darshan, Surdaas Darshan, Tukaraam Darshan, Triveni and Nirguni Bhajans and also select folk songs from Malvaa ki Lokdhune.

This script-bound programme (in Hindi language) shall be interspersed with audio-visual clippings of Kumarji (some even from his childhood), interviews of his close associates and montages of some of his select yet rare photographs.

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